Friday, November 30, 2012

Feel Good Songs in my Playlist

There are good days and there are days that make you really hesitant to leave the bed, but life must go on and you gotta seize the day.. so this is my favorite playlist to help kick my ass out from the bed and become the manic happy go lucky man that I really am (well, kinda…XD)

  • Lucy and the Cloud Parade – Love Yourself (mirror mirror on the wall, don’t care who’s the fairest of them all)
  • Tim Myers – Simply Wonderful (awesome…. Nuff said…) 
  • Patti LaBelle – Over the Rainbow (miss LaBelle know how to belt the stratospheric notes to heaven)
  • S Club 7 – Bring it all Back well, the lyric is a punch full of sunshine… ahahaha…
  • Wondergirls – So Hot (a boost of vanity in the morning baby…)
  • Christina Aguilera – Vanity (oh please..... I’m vain, so what…)
  • Queen – Seaside Rendezvous (the melody makes me happy)
  • Utada Hikaru – Keep Tryin’ (this is the song about “drive”)
  • Mariah Carey – Triumphant (she sang this song like she was trying to open the gates of heaven)
  • Apollo 440 – Stop the Rock (instant mood booster)

Monday, November 26, 2012

Trik-Trik Agar Terlihat Keren (alias langsing) di foto

Biarpun saya selalu berkoar-koar tentang pentingnya mencintai  tubuh sendiri dalam keadaan apapun, tapi ada kalanya tubuh tercinta ini tanpa sebab yang jelas menjelma menjadi “diva” yang rewel dan sulit diatur (seperti berat badan mendadak meroket tanpa sebab yang jelas, dan wajah yang tiba-tiba menjadi membengkak sendiri), dan seringkali hal tersebut terjadi di saat yang sangat tidak tepat seperti wajah sembab disaat akan difoto untuk passport (dan hasil foto mengerikan yang bakal terpampang di passport  5 tahun kedepan). Jadi untuk terlihat lebih representable di foto, terutama yang bakal diupload ke facebook, instagram, dll, berikut ini beberapa tips yang membantu agar terlihat lebih langsing di foto.

  • Ice ice baby!!. Kompres wajah dengan air es selama 10 – 15 menit untuk menghilangkan sembab.
  • Cover it up!. Bagi yang ahli menggunakan make-up, shading dan bronzer bisa menjadi andalan untuk menciptakan dimensi pada wajah, dan bagi  yang skill make-upnya seperti saya yang berspesialisasi pada riasan badut, bisa melihat tutorial make-up di youtube atau lewati tips ini, banyak berdoa, dan mulailah mencari angle terkurus di cermin.
  • Mind your Head. Posisi kepala berperan besar di kamera, jadi hindari mengangkat dagu terlalu tinggi, karena akan memperlebar muka dan fokus orang akan berpindah ke lubang hidung jika  kepalanya terlalu mendongak.
  • Camera Up!!. Harus diingat, posisi kamera yang lebih tinggi dari kepala akan membuat leher kita terlihat panjang, karena kita harus melihat ke atas, dan menciptakan ilusi yang merampingkan.
  • Twist and Turn!!. Hindari menghadapi kamera secara frontal, karena berpotensi melebarkan tubuh. Selalu posisikan pinggang kita 20 – 90 derajat menyamping dari kamera dan pastikan posisi tubuh kita tetap tegap.
  • Go Dark!. Selalu ginakan pakaian gelap yang merampingkan, hitam dan biru tua adalah pilihan yang aman.

  • Stripe!. Hindari motif garis – garis horizontal di baju yang berpotensi memperlebar badan, sebaliknya pilih motif garis vertical yang mebuat langsing.

  • Suck it in!. selalu ingat untuk menarik perut ke dalam waktu berpose.
  • Find your light!. Selalu memposisikan muka menghadap cahaya untuk hasil terbaik
  • Relax!!
  • Practice makes perfect!!. Angle wajah dan tubuh setiap orang itu berbeda, jadi cara terbaik adalah dengan latihan di depan cermin untuk menemukan sisi paling fotogenik di diri masing-masing

Saturday, November 24, 2012

How to Look Great (I mean Skinny) in the Pictures

Yeah… I know.. I always preaching about how to love yourself no matter what, and not that I’m not happy with my body, but if I want to show my pictures to the world, whether it’s a camwhoring pictures or real photoshoot, I want to look my best, as perfect as possible…. And so do you!

There are several tips that can help to show your best feature and look more slender in the pictures, because as the fashion greatest tips says:

Cara Delevingne, the newest British "it" girl!!

Cara Delevingne
Full Name: Cara Delevingne
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 173cm / 5′8″
Place of Origin: London, England
Date of Birth: August 12 1992
“It” Factors: Her Dark Brown Brows and Her Chilling Arctic Stares

  This fashion darling is the model at the moment, born in the blue blood family, but, she don’t need her social standing to book blue chip jobs and catapult her into the high-end segment of fashion, her ice princess look can do the job alone and land the Burberry campaign, Blumarine Campaign, and recently she become the muse of Karl Lagerfeld and starred on Chanel Cruise 2013 Campaign.

Cara Delevingne
Cara Delevingne

Friday, November 23, 2012

Va-Va-Voom Adriana!

Meet Miss.Lima, the smoldering beauty hailing from Bahia Brazil; she enter the world of modeling in the late 90’s and since then stay on the top level of  Supermodel’s Pyramid.  

Adriana Lima, Victoria's Secret
Adriana Lima, Vogue Spain

Adriana Lima already has multimillion dollars contacts such as Victoria’s Secret and Maybelline under her sleeve, not to mention her legendary GQ cover was the best selling issue of that magazine… Ever!! Plus, her current status as “The Money Girls” (Ranked #4) and  “Top Sexiest Models” (Ranked #1)

What makes her so irresistible? Well lets see….. Face that mainly exist in a dream? check!, Gorgeous flowing hair? Check!, glowing skin? Check!, Ultra wonderful body? Check and double check!!  

No other girl that vaguely look like this, glow like that, and move her assets like Miss.Lima…. Her powerful sex appeal and naughty smile will continue build her ladder of success straight to the heavens.

Need Proof? This is how she makes guys around the world get down on their knees…

 Adriana Lima Superbowl 2008

                   Adriana Lima, Superbowl 2012

Adrana Lima, Kia Optima

Adriana Lima, Maybelline "Dream Liquid Mousse"

Personally; I love her voice and her accent

Adriana Lima, Victoria's Secret

Adriana Lima, Victoria's Secret

Adriana Lima, Maybelline

Adriana Lima, Victoria's Secret

Adriana Lima, Remodeling the 70's

Adriana Lima, Elle

Adriana Lima, Vogue Brazil

Source: &

Mirror Mirror on the wall... Who's the Fairest of them All...

Charlize Theron, Evil Queen, Snow White and the Huntsman


Recently this question has been repeated over and over again, well actually it been repeated two times this year, I just feeling a bit hyperbolic… first in Julia Robert’s “Mirror mirror” and now in Charlize Theron’s “Snow White and The Huntsman”. Both infused their own spin on evil queen’s character, but I love how Charlize bring the evil queen into a new level of mean.

Yeah, I know the movie was long, the casts was overcrowded, the ending kinda rushed, and I kinda not feelin’ Kristen Steward as the Snow White. Nonetheless, if I have to rate, I’ll give this movie “B” and my main reason is Charlize Theron.

It’s hard to believe that in that movie there is a maiden fairer than the queen, and yes I’m aware that Kristen Steward and Lily Cole was there too, and they are gorgeous, but Charlize is in the class of her own, have you seen her butter like Skin, her beautiful body, or her platinum locks? Maybe the mirror needs new glasses.

Charlize Theron, Evil Queen, Snow White and the Huntsman

Charlize Theron, Evil Queen, Snow White and the Huntsman

Well, since beauty is in the eye of the beholder, let’s skip this topic…

I noticed the Evil Queen’s Costumes are so striking, with menacing silhouettes, so I’ve done some research about the costumes… they are truly one of the kind, designed by  Coleen Atwood, a three times Academy Award Winner for Best Costume.

First, Her Wedding Gown, The architectural structure on the Shoulder, made from leather piping on the pleads, makes the Upper area of the gown look like it was made from bones

Charlize Theron, Evil Queen, Snow White and the Huntsman

Evil Queen Wedding Gown
Evil Queen Wedding Gown

 Then, We have the Beetle wing dress which is almost never saw the light, it only appear few seconds on the film, well.. so much effort for the dress, because it was made from thousand iridescent beetle wings imported from Thailand.
Charlize Theron, Evil Queen Gown

Charlize Theron, Evil Queen Gown

 Charlize look so intimidating when she wore this Chain Mail with rolled leather and horse mane gown

Charlize Theron, Evil Queen Gown

And the last look that stand out from this film is The Raven colored cape made from rooster feather, combined with ivory colored gown that embroidered so well, it resemble the evil queen’s old peeling skin.

Coleen Atwood & Evil Queen Gown

Charlize Theron, Evil Queen Gown

My Personal favorite is her Crown… that the key element that makes her look so beautiful, but so evil at the same time… 

Charlize Theron, Crown
Charlize Theron, Crown

 More of Miss Theron:

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron & Kristen Steward

Charlize Theron, Vogue US


Curl up and be GLAM!!

Madonna - Pin Curls
 The Holiday season is here, and before all the dinner preparation, party and family reunion (which some of us tend to avoid) come and add more stress to your daily life, now is the right time to put things in order, and by things I mean your look, started from your head, Because for you that already in steady relationship, it helps to spice things up before everything become boring.. And for you, my dear ladies who still hunting, it’s time to raise your game and glam up!! Because you have to look gorgeous no matter what, not for anyone else… just for yourself, because you worth it!! 

This holiday trend channel old Hollywood Glamour like soft “Veronica Lake” waves which will add some elegant edge and the romantic feel to your look. To complete this 40s-inspired look, add some color to your lips whether it’s bright red, ruby red, or coral color and black mascara for the “viva la glam” aura.  

 Photos for Inspiration:

Blake Lively - Pin Curl

Kate Bosworth - Pin Curl

Pin Curls

Veronica Lake

Kate Bosworth - Pin Curl

Megan Fox - Pin Curl