Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The “It” Beauty: Gisele Bundchen

This Brazilian bombshell has created some serious name for herself inside and outside fashion industry, one of the model that recognizable even by a non-fashion community and in the fashion industry only Gisele and Kate Moss who can guaranteed the magazine will fly from the shelf when they are on the cover.

It will be a long time before any model can surpass ms.Bundchen $25 million dollars contract with Victoria’s Secret that put her in the supermodel Pantheon, and She ruled the #1 spot of world’s top earning models since 2007, so what makes her so special? Besides her business savy mind, this is the breakdown of her “it” factor from beauty point of view.

Gisele Bundchen “IT” Beauty Factors:

  • For an obvious reason, she is known as “The boobs from Brazil”, I mean there are two obvious reason, it’s rare to have a model so slender and still have curves, well... what a blessed genetic

  • Her Golden Locks, her hair has been one of the most talked topic about her, a perfectly highlighted golden curls, that so effortless, she always looks like she just stepped out from the ocean, with the same reason, Pantene makes her their Face for Latin America since 2011, and the shampoo sales has been increased by 40% in the same year.

  • Her statuesque body, Gisele represent the healthy models, that bring back the trends of athletic 90’s supermodels and put an end to the dominant “heroin chic” body type at the beginning of 21st century. Her body is lean, athletic, and still maintain her curves, with long limbs that go for miles. With that5 kind of body, she can sell any clothes, from Haute Couture to microscopic lingerie.

  • Her olive colored skin tone radiates golden glow. Like she’s always at the beach and having fun in the sun all the time

  • Her Face, she has this very unique quality about her beauty, pretty, but not too pretty and still can be transformed into countless characters, sexy, but not sleazy, her nose and jaw line definitely the attributes that make her look so aristocratic, that’s why she can appeal to high-end brands. Her look is definitely not the “pretty- feminine girl” but more towards Sexy with this cool and effortless vibe, that’s why she is the archetype of “men want to be with her, and women want to be like her”

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