Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Out with the ewww... in with the new...

Richard Theo

New year is approaching, and everywhere I look people already started their “New year, New me” bullshit. Well, writing the new year resolutions that they will forget just two days later and then back to their usual bad habits that will accumulate at the end of the year, which resulted in self loathing before NYE and back to square one, writing resolutions.
I don’t mean to start a new year on a sour note anyway, this year I managed to fulfilled several of my new year resolutions, which a resulted a shame and guilt free birthday, it finally happened after several years celebrating my birthday while thinking “another year passed and I haven’t do something meaningful with my life.... come on!! Get it together!!!”. This year I can finally called my parents and be genuinely happy with my new age. A lot of things to be grateful this year.

Well, the sense of dissatisfaction that happened the past years perhaps caused by my achievement hunter personality, combined with perfectionist trait and hot temperament. being the only child, there’s always a constant needs that come from within to make your parents proud, because I’m the only source of bragging material that my father have, and yes, my parents’ home is always become a creepy shrine for my personal achievement. well, this year I have loads of good things to write home.

Moving on..  I need a platform to rant, that’s why I’m reviving this blog. and I believe, I do a better job explaining things in writing rather than speaking....

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